Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Japchae - Stir Fry Starch Noodles with Vegetables

A second attempt cooking korean dish.

The English translation is bit off because strictly speaking, this is not a stir fry dish.  First the noodles are cooked in a hot water, just like cooking spaghetti.  This follow by blanching spinach, rinse with cold water and seasoning  with soy source and sesame oil.

The next step is a quick stir fried of carrot, scallion, fresh mushroom and onion separately in a hot pan. Lastly, stir fry the beef with shitake mushrooms.

Each of these ingredient then mix thoroughly with the noodles with soy source, sugar and sesame oil

It was quite fun to make such a dish.  It is fast to make, very colorful and appetizing.

So how was my dish?  Well it turned up well - all the vegetables and the meats were flavorful. except the noodles which was a bit plain tasting.

I like this dish.  The only down side finding the starch noodle, which price is slightly on the high side.

Will definitely try again.
My fist Japchae in which I used chicken instead of beef
Full recipe by maangchi is here

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  1. Do fry and add some seasonings to the noodles. It'll taste wonderful. Ohh and also add some sesame seeds as the final touch.


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