Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Perfectly Rich Chocolate Ganache

I use the following recipe to make the ganache for my Perfect Chocolate Cake.

Chocolate Ganache
(from: my own)
Yield: enough to frost & fill a 2 layer 6’’ cake

160g of good quality chocolate (i use 100g of 70% Lindt and 60g of Hershey’s SemiSweet Choc Chips)
180g of heavy cream (i use Paul’s Thickened Cream 35%)
27g of unsalted butter

1. Chop chocolate to small equal size bits so that it is easier to melt.
2. Place chocolate in a large and wide, heatproof bowl.
3. In a small saucepan, on medium heat, bring heavy cream & butter to a boil (until bubbles break on surface). Turn down heat and slow boil for one minute. Stir often, making sure the cream does not burn.
4. Immediately remove cream from the heat and pour over chocolate all at once. The cream must cover all of the chocolate. DO NOT STIR. Let mixture sit for 2-4 mins until chocolate starts to melt. 
5. Stir mixture with rubber spatula until thoroughly combined.


  • Heavy cream (UK), heavy whipping cream (US) and thickened cream (Australia) all refers to the same thing and can be used to make ganache. Choose one with 35-40% butterfat.
  • Try not to use a deep bowl to place the chocolate because it will take longer for the chocolate to melt. A large, wide bowl is the best choice.
  • When mixing cream with chocolate, begin from the center in circles, and gradually widen it towards the edges of the bowl. Do not whip air into the mixture.
  • Classic ganache is a mixture of equal amounts of chocolate & cream, but since I am using dark chocolate (more than 60%), I increased the cream portion so that the ganache can set nicely on the cake.
  • Adding butter will make it a little glossier with a dark shiny glaze.
  • Ganache may take several hours to cool and set. Leave it uncovered for 1 hour, thereafter cover to prevent moisture loss.

Ganache has many uses.
When warm and in liquid state, ganache can be poured over a cake for a smooth and shiny glaze. 

When cooled to room temperature, it can be used for frosting and filling. 


Leftover ganache can be refrigerated and be used to make chocolate truffles.

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