Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mango Pudding – NOT!

I got tired of baking cakes, and wanted to try baking some other desserts. Mango pudding seems like a good break from cakes.

I searched for few recipes, and finally decided on this, as it looks easy to make.

Mango Pudding
(from Rita’s Basket)   

250ml low-fat milk
250g mango, diced
200 ml water
50g fine sugar
1 ½ tbsp gelatine powder
4 tbsp water

1.  Soften gelatine in 4 tbsp water in a small bowl. Let it sit in larger bowl of hot water, stir till gelatine powder dissolve well.
2.  Peel Mango. Dice flesh and put into blender to blend with water. Strain to remove stringy fibers.
3.  Dissolve sugar in milk over low heat. Cool.
4.  Stir mango puree with gelatine, add in milk and stir till well mixed.
5.  Pour into 6 jelly molds or glasses.
6.  Chill in fridge overnight.

I chilled the pudding in wine glasses. Top it up with yogurt, nuts and kiwi to make it into a mango parfait.  

A little disappointed though with the taste of the pudding. Perhaps mango was not ripe enough, it tasted more like cucumber, rather than mango!

I done more research and have identified another recipe here, a bit more work, but should taste much better. Will try this next time.

Argghhh, so many things to bake, so little time!

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